About Me




Thank You for visiting my blog goneasec.wordpress.com.  I’m Littlebird, author of all things read here.  I focus as much energy as I can into each piece, and I am elated you are here to see them!  My writings are in the categories that I thought best fit the material, in the effort to help navigation.  Also, be sure to follow me through the WordPress.com button, or through e-mail.  If you would like to discuss something you’ve read here, hit my CONTACT page(@IBMTHUG), and leave ya info…..I read my mail.  Now that I’ve said that, let me tell you about myself.


I am first and foremost a father, second a husband, third a son, fourth a brother, and most importantly; I am melanated.

I like to read various books concerning spirituality, occult science, African history, metaphysics, and last but not least; myths.

I am influenced by the motivation all of this as well as my family provide yet, molded by self through experience.

I grew up and still reside in New Jersey, I’m into all forms of music, never one main thing with me.  I’m a gamer and enjoy role-playing and adventure genres.  I like fantasy/sci-fi films, although I do occasionally find a suspense thriller fulfilling on the weekends.

I hope to connect with as many like minded people as possible, and see what is created.

Thanks Again for even being here….now let us…….GO WITHIN.